Casino Bonuses


Did you know online casinos give away consistent welcome or first deposit bonuses? Even second and third deposit bonuses. Not to mention, free spins and trials so you can get accustomed to the game you want to play. Everything to make you comfortable and enjoy the gambling experience. So, players, do not hesitate and start looking for the offer or casino bonus that best suits your desire!

But first you need to find out everything about the best casino bonuses in the UK

First Deposit Bonuses and Welcome Packages for New Players

Best in TestRating:
888casino Bonus100%up toR1500*Claim Now!
Welcome Bonus:R100 First Deposit OfferHigh-Roller Offer of up to R1,500
Other Bonuses:Spin the Wheel for R888 FreePlay CreditLots of Perks and Specials for Members

As a New Player you can either benefit from First, Second or Third Deposit Bonuses or Welcome Packages.

One of the most common first time deposit options when it comes to bonuses is matching the amount funded by the player. Hence if you make a first deposit of R50 or R100, your bonus will be have an equal value. This what you call a 100% match deposit. However, depending on the online casino website, this match could be of 50% or even 150%, going up til 300%.

Another aspect to pay attention to is the maximum limit of the bonus. If the limit is set to a certain amount, let’s say R100, you won’t get a higher bonus even if your first deposit is R1000.

The difference between the first deposit bonus and the Welcome package is that the latter gets you higher amounts of money divided over several deposits, that are usually of lower values. A welcome package can entail getting a 100% matching amount on the first deposit, 50% on the second and 25% or 30% on the third. This is a good solution if your strategy is to make several smaller deposits.

When online casino bonuses are replaced with Free spins and Free trials

Some online casinos offer free trials and spins instead of bonuses or other types of values. This is a positive aspect for the new players to try their favourite games without risking to lose any money from their account; or, even better, to get familiar with new games and decide if these are worth the risk of gambling on them. Plus, if you win, you can end up with some money in your account that you can start using for other games. Another option is to get free spins or make bets of certain amounts on a specific selection of games like roulette, blackjack or slots. With these free trials you can actually make money from nothing.

In the end, you will decide which online casino bonus suits you more, based on what you want to achieve. Or of course, you can reject the bonus or offer. It’s all up to you!

Existing clients get promotions. Are you there yet?

If all goes well, and the New Player finds the online casino he/she likes best and gets extra playing time due to bonuses and offers, it’s all a matter of time until he/she will become a regular player.

This is where online casino operators come with another advantage to keep them playing and enjoying their favourite gambling games, by using inviting promotions. Whether they come as rewards for deposits, prizes or tournament participation, extra gifts, daily or monthly promos, online casino operators will go the extra mile to make their customers happy. And keep them playing.

VIP or loyalty packs usually mean that the player can gain points from playing different or their favourite games and then withdraw these points in the form of money or use them as bonus cash to continue to gamble.

Offers on your kind of game

If you are a big fan of a certain kind of gambling game and are not at all interested in anything, the online casino operators have just the thing for you. You ca benefit from free spins for slots or trials for table games, for example. Or, if you want to experience the most realistic experience within a casino, you can search for the live games. The offer is so varied and comprehensive, that you cannot miss it!

See some of the exclusive offers we have for you!

  Offers for: Wagering Requirements More Information
Slots (150% R300) 40x Click here!
Table Games (100% R250) 40x Click here!
Slots (3x R500)* 30x Bonus + Deposit Click here!
Table Games (3x R100) 30x Bonus + Deposit Click here!
Regular Offer (100% R100) 45x Click here!
Live Games (100% R10) 20x Click here!
Welcome Package (R1000) 50x Click here!
Live Games (R10 free + R250)* 50x Click here!
Regular Offer (100% R150) 20 x Bonus + Deposit Click here!
Live Game (R25 cash) 8x Deposit Click here!
Exclusive Offer (200% R600)* 50x Bonus + Deposit Click here!
Live Game (R50 cash) Code: LOVELIVE 15x Deposit Click here!
* Exclusive offer for our readers

Use a certain payment method and you get another offer!

Did you know that certain online casinos give away extra bonuses for using certain payment methods? Well, if you didn’t, you know now.

Using certain paysafecards or electronic wallets will get you another 10 to 15% extra money that you can use to enjoy your favourite gambling games.

Not only that, but some online casino operators also give away special codes that can add to your already existing bonus. These codes may have a time limit or apply to a certain kind of bonus, offer or promotion, to enhance it. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to benefit from a little bit more, right? So make sure that when you see such a code, you use it, as it will only help you with your gambling experience within the online casinos. All you need to do is enter the code in the specified field, and you’re good to go.

Here is an example of codes that can be used with or without a bonus/offer/promotion.

  Bonus without Code Bonus with Code Codes for Promotions To the Casino
fun888, JPMon, TablesTue, WinWed, TravelThurs, FreakyFri, SLN20, RICH30, Blackjack20, to the offer
to the offer
to the offer
*Exclusive offer for our readers

Read the Terms and Conditions to avoid future problems

Yes, it seems like a waste of time to go through the Terms and Conditions section, but trust us, when we say this is the best option for you to protect your winnings, ease withdrawals and avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

Deposits and bonuses come with certain conditions attached to them, which is why it is always a good idea to be aware of them from the very beginning. Otherwise, how would you know what is a PlaythroughWagering Requirement? Especially if you are a new players and have no clue about this concept. The playthrough requirement refers to the amount of you need to bet so you can be able to withdraw your winnings or bonuses from your main cash balance account. Of course, each online casino has its own terms and conditions on the matter, but this may vary from having a playthrough requirement of 30 times per bonus or 20 times per deposit.

Don’t let yourself get caught with your guard down or be surprised if you don;t find anything left in your account after trying to get your money out without meeting the conditions of the playthrough requirement. Just think that all the time spent playing, betting and winning will all be in vain due to lack of information. There is a great number of beginners who do this and when they face the issue and make a complaint, they finally find out that it’s actually their fault for not following the rules. And this can become very frustrating and disappointing.

Also, as mentioned earlier, pay close attention to the life-span of bonuses and offers. Although there are few cases in which the offer validity is unlimited, most promotion codes and bonuses are valid from 30 to 90 days. But then again, this also depends on the online casino operators. So, instead of having a mini heart-attack when you check your account and see no bonus left, just take a bit of your time and make sure to check the terms and conditions applicable.

Certain games have higher playthrough requirements than others

And why is that?

Well , this has emerged as a method to protect the House, as betting on games that imply low risk lead to winning only for the players and massive losses for the House. To avoid this and ensure fairness for both gambling parties, based on the types of games and the play-risk percentage, most online casino operators have implemented a very smart method.

Low-risk games will take only a percentage of the playthrough, while high-risk games may take up to 100% of the playthrough.

Take a look at the playthrough requirement for the top 10 online casinos in the UK

  Slots Roulette Blackjack Video Poker Casino Poker other
100%* 25% 20%* 20%* 25%* 0% – 100%
100%* 25% 10%* 15% 25%* 0%
100%* 20%* 10%* 10%* 50%* 0% – 100%
100% 20%* 20%* 10% 20%* 0% – 100%
100% 20%* 10% 10% 20%* 5% – 100%
100%* 50%* 50%* 5% 50%* 0% – 100%
100%* 10% 10% 10% 10% 0% – 100%
100% 10% 10% 10% 10% 0% – 100%
100% 8% 8% 8% 8% 0%
100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
  • Highest game contributions
  • All casino games included
  • Excludes Live Dealer games
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In order to enjoy a complete, stress-free and, most of all, rewarding gambling experience within the online UK casinos, all you need to do is get the necessary info, before you collect the benefits. We are here to tell you what to do and what not to, but in the end it’s your choice. Still, why miss out on any offers or be disappointed when you check you account for a big withdrawal and risk not finding anything? Bonuses, offers and promotion are the “must-have” perks of online gaming, and they come for free. If you follow the rules, of course.